Sunday, March 6, 2016

Thursday, 27August2015: Roche to Skyline

Weather:  Sunny and warm.  Winds:  Light and variable.  Seas:  <1ft.

Motored out of Roche around 0745, using the northeastern entrance for the first time.  Lots of sea grass and we coasted over a couple spots to avoid entanglement.  Slow going in the Speiden Channel with opposing currents.  Once in the San Juan Channel, speed picked up.  Once across, chose to go to the south side of Crane Island, avoiding the currents on the north side.  Pretty much the standard route to and through Thatcher Pass, across the Rosario to the fuel dock at Skyline.

Strider was folded for the first time in a month while on the fuel dock.  Took precautions since we did not know how the new backstays were going to handle it.  No problems!  Refueled and cracked a beer at noon in our home slip.

Wednesday, 26August2015: Montague to Roche Harbor

Weather:  Hazy sunshine and warm.  Winds:  Zero.  Seas:  Flat.

Boring motor the entire way.  Departed to the south around 0900.  Our route was pretty straight forward, east side of Prevost Island, west side of North Pender Island, southeast side of Mayne Island.  We cut south past Rum Island to Mandarte Island, avoiding the northbound currents in the Haro.  Then a straight shot across the Haro and into Roche.

A busy day in Roche, boats and crab pots everywhere.  Had some difficulty finding an anchorage, but one was found on the east side and we were anchored by 1340.

Entry back into the US was painless via the I68 phone call.  Prior to arrival, the remaining fresh veggies were grilled making them legal for entry in the States...'twas a boring motor after all.

Spent the rest of the day aboard Freestyle, on a dock.  Easy access to the company store and ice cream!

Tuesday, 25August2015: False Creek to Montague Harbour, Galiano Island, BC

Weather:  Sunny and warm.  Winds:  NE 5-10kts.  Seas:  <2ft.

Motored out of False Creek around 0600 and picked our way through the anchored freighters.  Once out of Burrard Inlet and into the Strait, winds picked up and we sailed at 7kts under screacher and main SW directly to Porlier Pass between the north end of Galliano Island and the south end of Valdes Island.

Since Strider made good time across the Strait, our arrival at Porlier was too early and the currents were against us...and they are strong and rough.  A couple exiting power boats probably thought we were nuts, particularly since there was an extensive period when we were making 1kt and crabbing big time.  But we made it and Kelly was at the helm!  She enjoyed the challenge and needed only a little coaching since she doesn't read the water as well!

Once through the pass, the currents relaxed, as did we and it was motoring or sailing into Montague, sometimes there was wind...else the iron genny.  We almost sailed into Montague, but the winds died at the north entrance at Parker Island.

Inside and a hard left brought us to the Montague Harbour Marine Provincial Park mooring field.  We found one and moored without incident at 1415.  Though we did not spend a lot of time in the park, it appeared to be very nice and we will definitely go back.  We did however, dinghy to Harbour Marine and do a shelf check of the market.  Ice cream was had...of course!

Towards evening and back aboard, we had dinner and relaxed.  A nice park ranger came by and we chatted for about 20min.  Since we were crossing into the US the next day and had already taken care of most of the fresh veggies.  However, our faithful basil plant would not be welcome.  The nice ranger was kind enough to give it a good home!

23-25August2015: False Creek, Vancouver, BC

Weather:  Sunny and warm!

After a peaceful sleep, we woke to a sunny day, had breakfast and went on an excursion.  MM was kind enough to dinghy use over to Stamp's Landing.  Kelly and I then walked along the south shore, Charleston Park, taking in the sights, seeing a kid's SUP and kayak class in tidal basin in Island Park.

We made our way through Sutcliffe Park, through the community center and then to the Grandville Island Market where strolled, shopped, downloaded a couple books for the Nook and IPad.  We then lunched on fish and chips and gelato, while watching a couple of street shows.  We then walked off island to a bike shop for a lock to secure the dinghy to the park docks.  While Bug is engine-less, she rows easily and could easily have been a temptation without a good lock.  We did not worry about this while in the relative wilderness.  But back in civilization...well, best be secure, especially since we were going to spend a couple days here.

Back on the island, we were kinda pooped so we slow strolled through the market, picking up dinner and making our way to the water taxi.  Took the taxi from Grandville Market to Stamp's Landing, signalling Freestyle on the way by for a pick up.

Back aboard with evening cocktails, caprese salad and fresh, hot, chunky, buttery cinnamon apple sauce for desert, we decided this one day in Vancouver was enough.  Though we would have liked to get to Gastown and Robson Strasse (and the Indian food), it was time to head towards home.

Sunday, 23August2015: Secret Cove to False Creek

Weather:  Sunny and warm.  Winds:  NW@8kts and dropping.  Seas:  Flat

Motored out of Secret Cove around 0900.  Once out, attempted to sail using screacher and main.  Initially made 5.2-6kts but once south of Trial Bay, approaching White Islets, winds and speed dropped below 4.2kts.  Since we needed to get to False Creek, dropped the sails and motored.  3000rpm gave us 6.5kts.

Winds picked up a bit in Burrard Inlet and we did a little sailing, maneuvering between the freighters and those out for a Sunday sail.  Watched a race and was impressed by a couple F18 cats zooming across the water.

Motored into False Creek and found Freestyle anchored fairly deep inside, vicinity of Stamp's Landing.  Rafting was uneventful and we were secured at 1630.