Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Spencer Spit: 21-22Sep, 2014

Sunday, 21Sep

Weather:  Sunny and warm.  Wind:  S 5-10.  Waves:  <1ft.

A simple, gorgeous, sunny day!  Took Strider out to shake off some of the cobwebs:  Kelly, the dogs and me.  This was Kelly's first time out for the entire year and we kept it easy.  7.4nm to Spencer Spit State Park.  Made 7.5kts across Rosario Strait to Thatcher Pass.  We were sailing(!), airing out the main, screacher and genoa.  Then the islands blocked the winds.  We motored through the pass to the south side of the Spit and discovered mooring buoys had been added (or replaced) since our last visit.  Picked up an open one and made our way ashore, landing about half way down the Spit.  Walked nearly 3 miles, through the woods, the campground and along the shore, just enjoying the day.

Getting back aboard, the winds were creating some chop and since some of the north side buoys had opened up, we moved to the north side.  Much better!  Just sat back and relaxed, no boat chores, no have-to-dos.  Dinner was mozzarella alla caprese with tomatoes and basel from our garden.  After dinner, took the dogs ashore for a run to the end of the Spit.  Chatted with a couple of lads enjoying a beer on the beach.  Ran the dogs!

Slept well!

Monday, 22Sep

Weather:  Overcast and rainy.  Wind:  Negligible.  Waves:  Flat.

Woke to the above weather, but we knew it was coming, so no surprise.  Rain was gentle.  While Kelly slept in, I took the dogs ashore for another run.  Sheltered in the log cabin as a couple showers passed by.  Back to the boat and an egg and fried potato breakfast - a hot one on a cool morning!

Used the rain to give Strider a much needed bath, delaying departure in case of fog in Rosario.  Around 11am, could see things were clearing and we departed.  Kelly motored us all the way back and into the slip!

A very nice, relaxing excursion to a great place close by.  Kelly enjoyed being out on the water and shed some worries, if only temporarily!  Got an opportunity to check out the Navionics IPad Navigation app (thank you Cindy!) and liked it.  Now I need to install a 12 volt outlet on the cockpit dash....