Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Saturday, 22August2015: Roscoe Bay to Secret Cove

Weather:  Sunny and warm.  Winds:  Light and variable.  Seas:  Flat

Why must all good things come to an end?  The days of lounging had been wonderful.  However, life does intrude, dogs must be liberated from the kennel and fruit has to be harvested.

Departed around 0640, well before high tide.  But since we only draw 36in with the centerboard up and the rudder down, there was plenty of water over the bay's entrance to make our getaway several hours ahead of Freestyle.

It was a boring motor, the entire way, making around 5kts until the tide changed and we picked up a couple more.  Did experiment with the radio and new antenna wire, contacting Freestyle when they were in the Copeland Islands and we were vicinity of Grief Point, just south of Powell River, distance of about 17nm.  Freestyle stated we were loud and clear while they came in a bit broken.  New wire proved a success!

Arrived Secret around 1715 and refueled, taking 4.5gal (.43gph), and washed the boat down.  The marina was accommodating and gave us a spot where we did not have to fold.  One of the goals for this trip was not to fold the boat for the entire trip.  So far, so good!  Kelly was also very happy to get a real shower.

Freestyle arrived about 1.5hrs later and moored next to a 65ft sailing vessel making Freestyle look small.

Had a wonderful dinner in the Upper Deck Cafe.  Normally I order something I'd not make at home.  Duck was on the menu and duck was had!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

18-21August2015: Roscoe Bay

Weather:  Sunny and warm.  Winds: Usually calm but occasionally 5-10 up-channel in the morning, 5-10 down-channel in the evening.  Seas:  <1ft or nil.

Just great days spent playing in the salt and fresh water, eating, drinking, doing a few projects, teaching kids to do cannonballs and sliders.  On one of the days, Freestyle went to Refuge to pick up a guest, another friend of their daughter.  This friend was very gregarious and reminded me of the energizer bunny.  Out of the water, fall back in, climb back out, fall back in...over and over.

She is also an observer.  At one point she said, "I don't get it."  Pointing at RT and me, "How are you two friends?"  RT and I do have different personalities, one more somber, the other more...lets just say Peter Pan and he are well acquainted.  I looked at her and said, "Its because we are both assholes.  Have been for the time we've known each other.  We just know how to put up with each other's assholeness."  The look on her face was priceless.

There was only one break in the weather and it was minor.  Saw clouds moving in from the west one afternoon.  Checked the barometer and it had hardly moved down.  So, a weak front.  It passed through the night leaving a couple of  raindrops behind.

Cleaned the cockpit and brushed the mung off the hull.  Laundered bedding.

Replaced original, narrow gauge antenna wire with heavy duty 1/2in wire.  The combination of new radio and wire provided at least 18nm two way conversation.  Picked up transmissions from 35nm distance.

After the too short mess from the other day, remade new dyneema backstays and replaced the stainless steel backstays using Colligo fittings.  Lost 22 pounds with the swap!

Monday, 17August2015: Roscoe to Refuge and return

Weather:  Sunny and warm.  Winds:  Light and variable.  Seas:  <1ft.

As Freestyle repositioned to the north side, on the point east of the ruins, Kelly, MM and I took Strider to Refuge Cove for fuel, water and some fresh veggies.  Simple motorsail, about 1hr 15min each way.  The kid at the fuel dock remembered us, but was too busy to chat.  Took advantage of the open space and made phone calls, checking in the family who are not used to us disappearing for a while.

Back in Roscoe in early afternoon and splashed in the salt and fresh waters.  Burger burn dinner.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

14-16August2015: Roscoe Bay

Weather:  Sunny and warm.  Winds:  0 in the morning building to W10 in afternoon.  Waves:  Nil.

Pretty much idyllic days playing in Roscoe Bay, swimming in the lake, swimming in the bay, eating, drinking, loosing weight, SUP, sleeping, reading, watching the fish go by, building/rebuilding rock sculptures on the south side - you know, far niente!

Did do a few projects though.  Repaired a minor water leak under the Vberth.  I had improperly clamped a PEX tube to a fitting and there was a drip causing the system to loose pressure and the pump to come on at inconvenient times.

Stripped and replaced the insect screen velcro in the Vberth hatch.  Pulled the stainless steel keel protector off the dinghy and replaced it with a rubber one to protect Strider's nets and decks.  Repaired a minor watermaker leak.

1st attempt to replace Strider's stainless steel backstays and heavy blocks with Dyneema/Colligo fittings.  The eyeball measurement was 2ft too short.  Damn.

And of course there was a food experiment.  I'd a lamb roast and the grill, with its mods, is too hot.  So, I went ashore, gathered some tennis and baseball size rocks and heated them in the grill.  Once hot, seared the lamb and then shut off the grill and let the rocks do the roasting.  Yummy!  Also put the griddle to work making stir fried veggies.

Thursday, 13August2015: Octopus Islands to Roscoe Bay

Weather:  Sunny and warm.  Winds:  S 10 swirling around the islands.  Seas: <1ft.

Departed around 0920 via the north channel to Bodega Anchorage.  The narrow-ish channel with the cliffs was particularly fun!  Once into the anchorage, the winds picked up so up went the main and screacher.  Had a nice sail to the Okisollo Channel where we sailed back and forth, mostly east and west waiting for slack current at the west end of Hole In The Wall.  Lost patience again and sailed into Hole In The Wall at nearly slack.  Was able to sail for the first mile.  By then, the current had changed to with us and it was an uneventful motor through the pass.

Rounding Bernard Point, the north end of Maurelle Isand, and entering Calm Channel, the winds again picked up and we made 8-9kts on a SE beat to Raza Passage, between Raza Island and the main land.

Winds were off and on from then on.  Motored along Raza Island, sailed across Deer Passage, motored past Connis Point, north side of West Redonda Island.  Winds picked up again further into Pryce Channel and we made 7kts for the last 4nm before the turn into Waddington Channel.  Was able to sail into Waddington and the first mile!  Winds were then in the face and we motored to the entrance of Roscoe Bay.

Though Freestyle started behind us, motoring, they passed us early on in the Okislollo, arriving about 45min ahead of us at the entrance to Roscoe Bay where they waited for high tide and sure clearance into the bay.  We went ahead and called depths to them and the immediately followed.

We dropped anchor in the bay and Kelly stayed aboard while I assisted with Freestyle.  Bit of a goat rope this time as we were trying to set up on the north side for better solar charging.  First spot, vicinity of the ruins, was too shallow.  Ended up vicinity of the point on the south side, vicinity of our previous location.  Once Freestyle was tied, went back aboard, pulled the anchor and rafted at 1600.

Ran the watermaker for about and hour, drawing 8.2amps while making 7gal/hr...4x the rated 6L/hr.  Kind of shocked.  Tested and tasted and all was good.  I have learned it is the difference in salinity.  The rated flow is for the saltiest of waters.  With all the rain, our water is far less salty so the reverse osmosis does not have to work as hard.  Need to reposition the watermaker controls...and perhaps create a new through hull.  Currently, I've tapped into the cooling water through hull, limiting watermaking to during sailing only.  Further, the controls are in an inconvenient spot, making it difficult to use the device.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

11-13August2015, Octopus Islands Marine Provicial Park

Weather:  Sunny and warm.  Winds:  Light and variable.  Waves:  Flat

People rave about this park.  One friend said it was her favorite place.  We just couldn't get into it.  Perhaps it is because we already live in a rural location with a lot of wildlife.  Perhaps it was because the water was too cold to swim in.  Perhaps because we'd been in similar spots.  I don't know.  Don't get me wrong, nice place, just not quite our cup o' tea.

We did do some unique things and saw some unique things though!  Kelly wanted to go for a walk.  One of the nice things about our Gig Harbor dinghy with 7ft oars is it rows really easily.  So, I rowed Kelly to a shore, dropped her off on an island and followed her as she walked along the shore.  While she explored ashore, I explored the marine life, both our interests served!

So, we saw a raccoon searching for breakfast amongst the rocks exposed by the low tide.  It was grabbing rocks nearly its own size with its two hands (paws?), yanking, rolling them over and looking for presumably tasty treats underneath.  We watched it for about 10min and saw it munching something several times.

Kelly was then picked up and delivered to the south end of a different island where she walked around to the north end.  I rowed around, checking out the sea life.  Picked Kelly up on the north end and delivered to the south end of the next island and the process repeated.  In all, we saw starfish, minnows, clams, anemone, hermit crabs and snails.  Kelly collected a tiny limpet shell!

On the north end of the last island, we saw three 8in squid move into a shallow (2in deep) cut and work the sand, presumably searching for a meal.  We watched them for about 5min and while it would have been easy to pick them up and make a meal, we had 200 Von Donop clams waiting aboard!

The rest of the day was just relaxing, no boat projects, no have to dos.  Dinner featured the clams.  Cleaned and sorted, finding 4 dead, and then steamed them in fresh water, took about 5 minutes with the big gun propane burner.  RT and I shucked them and then we made a tomato based clam spaghetti sauce - sauteed onion, garlic, dry Italian herbs with fresh basil.  Simple and tasty!  Had a pinot negro to go with it.

Afterward:  I labeled this one with marine mammals for the raccoon.  The October 2015 National Geographic has an article about a new species of wolf ranging on the British Columbia coastal islands.  While the wolf does not live in the water, it eats almost exclusively from the water.  Perhaps the raccoon is the same....