Sunday, November 12, 2017

Anacortes Boat Show, 5-10April, 2017

This was 2 simple motors from Skyline to Cap Sante Marina putting Strider into the annual boat show.

5April, 2017
Weather:  Overcast and cool.  Winds:  Light and variable.  Seas:  <1ft.

Roughly 7.5nm motor with my sister and nephew aboard.  Did some close up sight seeing along the shoreline and spotting some marine mammals!  Motored into the marina and figured out our spot and secured Strider.

10April, 2017
Weather:  Sunny and cool.  Winds:  Light and variable.  Seas: <1ft.

Basically the same as the above, but with nicer weather!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Friday, 5Aug2016: Fort Flagler to Skyline

Weather:  Sunny and warm.  Winds:  West 5-10kts.  Seas:  1-2ft.

Once again, we weren't in a hurry and had no real destination.  Motored out out the channel into Port Townsend.  Wind was calm in the channel and started to pick up, 5kts as we entered the bay.  Raised the main and unfurled the screacher.  Sailed north towards Point Wilson, dodging crab pots along the way.

The wind increased approaching Point Wilson and was blowing 15kts as we rounded the point.  Along the way, furled the screacher and unfurled the genoa.  Making 8kts under sail, we encountered a traffic jam at the point, all motoring sailboats.  We quickly passed 2 boats and were concerned with a 3rd off our port side as our paths were converging.  As we got closer, the other boat yielded the right of way and ducked under our stern.  Now on our starboard side, our paths diverged as he headed towards Partridge Point on Whidbey Island and we towards Smith Island.

Since we had no real destination we decided to head north, perhaps to an anchorage off Lopez Island, and go via Smith Island as we had never been there and heard whales had been spotted there recently.  Rounding Point Wilson, winds became more westerly, funneling down the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  These winds also decreased as we approached Smith Island, necessitating another sail change and then motoring the last mile.

Smith Island has an interesting history and I'll encourage everyone to follow the links.  Today, it was...boring.  No wind, no whales, no sea lions...just quiet and sunny.  And it affected our mood.  Suddenly, we were tired and home, in our own bed after a long, hot shower, sounded fantastic!  So, mood brightened, we headed to Skyline.  Still no wind, but the tide was with us and we motored into an uneventful mooring.