Dragonfly 1000

Review by Multihull Maven

Drawing on all the successful design elements of the highly versatile and popular 26 ft Dragonfly 800 sport cruiser, the Dragonfly 1000 is as exhilarating to sail and convenient to handle round the marina. Yet her greater size allows much more luxury and accommodation amenities to be built in, and gives the boat full off-shore cruising capability (rated with European CE Mark Category A).

A rotating mast is standard, increasing the efficiency of the rig and contributing to her exceptional performance. An even livelier version is built with higher mast and carbon rigging for the more experienced and speed-loving sailors.

The Dragonfly 1000 is designed for easy and safe single-handed sailing. All controls for sails, centreboard and folding floats are operated from the cockpit. A windshield protects the helm station. The Swing Wing system allows the floats to be winched alongside the main hull, reducing the beam by about 50%, making handling round piers, docks and marinas easy and allowing the boat to fit in a standard marina berth. A kick-up rudder and centreboard reduce the risks of causing damage when sailing in shallow water.

Dragonflys are renowned for ingenious and tasteful design below decks, as well as for the quality of materials and workmanship. The main cabin has standing headroom and the fittings are in plywood with teak trim. There is a dinette area with seating for eight which converts to a double and single bunk. Further forward is a head and shower room, and in the forepeak a roomy double V-berth.

Manufacture's Description:

Preceded by 40 years of design and production experience, the drawing board of world renowned naval architect Borge Quorning has produced a totally unique, high-performance, luxury cruiser whose innovations will transform your concepts of pleasure sailing. The Dragonfly 1000 has put Quorning Boats years ahead. Not only does she display all those qualities for which the Dragonfly's are already famous, her exquisite liveaboard accommodations surpass the highest degrees of quality. Light weight and immense strength are characteristic of the Dragonfly 1000's superb construction. The high-performance fractional rig and high-buoyancy amas combine to produce ultra responsive control and power while providing exemplary stability and speed. Cruising speeds climb as high as 25 knots while maintaining a maximum heeling angle of only 10 degrees. She is equipped with full-battened mainsail and unique patented vertical-battened roller-furling mylar jib by Elvstrom sails. The centerboard and rudder kick up to reduce the draft to 1.6 feet making shallow ports and gunk holes easily accessible.

Ingeniously laid out for single handed sailing, an elegant Whitlok steering wheel graces the roomy teak-trimmed cockpit with all halyards, control lines and reefing pendants lead aft. No helmsman has had a more comfortable station. She is equipped with the best quality Danish deck gear including Andersen winches, a custom-designed main sheet and batten car systems by Frederiksen. All lines across the coach roof top are enclosed, giving the Dragonfly 1000 a sleek elegant appeal. In one minute, the strong, easy to operate Swing Wing system reduces her 24 ft. beam to 11.6 ft. making her easy to dock and maneuver. The attention to detail exemplifies meticulous engineering and represents a whole new concept in performance cruising. There is no false luxury aboard.

 The Dragonfly 1000, only perfect mastery of space, light and an exceptional talent with texture and materials. Every aspect of your comfort is taken into consideration with a generous spacious interior that is foremost a livable boat, functional and creative. With 6-foot 1-inch standing headroom, there is no more stooping. A large forward cabin, complemented with quality Danish furnishings and separate head with pressurized hot and cold water, contributes to the ease of spending long periods of time on board. A fully equipped galley graced with exquisite teak cabinetry is highlighted by a wide, clear companionway. Ingenious little nooks are used to give extra stowage and efficient halogen lamps are positioned for soft reflective lighting. A teak salon table ready to accommodate eight good appetites also folds down to allow easy passage. The sandwich construction gives optimal insulation while her state-of-the-art ventilation system will pleasantly surprise you.


The Dragonfly 1000 is an elegant trimaran from a family of boats designed by Borge Quorning and manufactured by Quorning Boats of Denmark.  Its evaluation is against the averages [in brackets] of nine other trimarans with overall lengths ranging from 32 to 34 feet is as follows:

Displacement: 2.28 tons [2.25 tons]

Length Overall: 33.00 feet [33.10 feet]

Length at Waterline: 30.00 feet [31.87 Feet]

Sail Area (Main plus genoa): 647 sq. ft. [713 sq. ft.]

Displacement-Length Ratio: 84.33 [70.08]

Sail Area/ Displacement Ratio: 34.94 [38.99]

Beam between outrigger centerlines: 23.75 ft. [24.55 ft.]

Base Speed: 10.55 knots [11.29 knots]

Texel Rating: 103 [98]

Bruce Number: 1.48 [1.56]

Stability Speed: 17.47 Kts

The boats used in the average are the Farrier F-32 and F-33, Hughes D-32, Pulsar 33, Aquarius, Contour 34SC and Trimax. (See details of these boats in Multihull Data on this site; free Multihull Comparisons now available.)

The Dragonfly 1000 is near average in displacement, but the light side in sail area, and gives up nearly two feet in waterline length in comparison with the boats listed above.  The result is that she is about .74 of a knot below average in Base Speed.  Her modest sail area gives her about knot advantage in stability speed.  Nonetheless, she is very similar to the Farrier tris and falls in the racer category in Charles Kanter's Multihull Classification system. (See Classifying Multihulls in the Technical section of this website.)

Several differences between this boat and Farrier's are worth noting.  The outrigger folding system is of the "Swing wing" design, folding horizontally backwards, whereas the Farrier system tucks the outriggers into its armpits (sorry Ian).  The Dragonfly 1000 has a pivoting centerboard rather than a daggerboard.  It has an inboard mounted engine under the cockpit rather than an outboard.  And the upper hull shape is flared more to make internal accommodations more roomy.  The overall impression is one of concession to cruising (note the company name), while retaining the power and light weight needed for successful racing.

Dragonfly boats can be seen at http://www.trimarans.com/  

Calvin H. Markwood

Engineering Analyst
Multihull Dynamics, Inc.



Quorning Specifications:


  • Hull and decks:  fiberglass with foam core - hand laid up
  • Materials:  biaxial fiberglass; DCPD polyester resin; Divinicell PVC foam core

Sails and rigging:

  • Fractional rig
  • Aluminum rotating mast
  • Fully battened main
  • Roller furling genoa
  • Asymmetric spinnaker 915 sq ft (85 sq ft)
  • Symmetric spinnaker 925 sq ft (86 sq ft)
  • Has optional bowsprit

Deck layout and gear:

  • Amas winched in from cockpit for docking
  • Wheel steering
  • Windshield
  • All sail-handling controls, including single-line reefing, to cockpit
  • Teak seats and trimming in cockpit
  • Cabin hatch converts to table
  • Bathing platform
  • Kick-up centerboard and rudder


  • 1.85 m headroom in main cabin
  • Wood fittings
  • Galley with hot and cold water plus sea water faucet
  • Dinette with seating for 8 - converts to a single and double bunk
  • Fridge
  • Heads and shower compartment
  • Roomy V-berth forward


  • LOA 33ft. (10m)
  • WL 30ft. (9.2m)
  • Beam 25ft. (7.6m) (folded) 12.6ft. (3.8m)
  • Draft 5.3ft. (1.6m) (board up) 1.6ft. (.5m)
  • Displacement 5,100lbs.
  • Sail Area
  • Main Standard 377sqft. (35m2)
  • Rac. 398sqft. (37m2)
  • Genoa 226sqft. (21 m2)
  • Spin 969sqft. (90m2)
  • Spin-Asym 883sqft. (82m2)


  • Fuel (diesel) 13.2gal. (50L)
  • Water tank 26.4gal. (100L)
  • Holding tank 14.5gal. (55L)

Rig Dimensions:

  • I 44.2ft (13.5m)
  • P 40.5ft (12.35m)
  • E 13.l ft (4m)
  • J 11.3ft (3.45m)
  • Mast 44’ – 4”
  • Furler 42’ - 5”


  • Total 1100lbs (500k)
  • Each Ama 220lbs

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