Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thursday, 3Aug2016: Fort Flagler

Weather:  Sunny and hot!  Winds:  Light.  Seas:  N/A

We were in no hurry, only chores awaited at home.  The sun was bright, the weather pleasant, the coffee fresh and a place to we did.

Fort Flagler was part of the 'triangle of fire' along with Fort Worden, near Port Townsend and where parts of "An Officer and a Gentleman" were filmed and Fort Casey, across Admiralty Inlet on Whidbey Island.

The Fort Flagler anchorage is just off a dock next to the Lower Campground, which is huge.  There were 6 mooring balls and the way the tidal current rips through, I wouldn't risk anchoring.  Walking the dogs in the morning, the current was with us and we just let it bring us to the dock.  The campground area has a small convenience store and a large open space.  The open space allowed us to carefully run the dogs off leash, particularly out onto a sand spit, which grew larger as the tide went out.  After a morning run (they need their exercise!), we rowed along the beach avoiding the current.

After a couple boat chores, we leashed the dogs and went for a long walk through the parks many shaded trails.  We thought to go to the main barracks area, but the place was larger than we thought and only made it to Battery Bankhead, about half way to the main facilities.  We then walked to the north shore trails and headed back to the boat...the dogs were exhausted - really.  The terriers were fine, it was our feet!  Something to work on....

Though the sun was not setting - its August and the sun doesn't set until 2100 - it was time for a sundowner once we got back to the boat.  The grill was fired up and a couple of burgers made.  After one more dog run on the spit, we just relaxed, reading and watching other boats coming into the anchorage.

All in all, a pleasant day and we will definitely come back!

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